Marianos Apartments are located in Antiparos town, the main settlement at the northeastern tip of Antiparos island, which is opposite Pounta, the small port on the island of Paros where the ferry sails for Antiparos harbour.

Antiparos is a small island located in the heart of the Cyclades islands complex, in the South Aegean sea. It lies at a distance of 0.8 nautical miles (1.5 km) southwest of the larger neighbouring island of Paros, separated by the straits of Antiparos. It is 98 nautical miles southeast of Greece’s capital, Athens.

To reach Antiparos island you must get to Paros island first. The trip to Paros from abroad can be made from various destinations, with direct flights to Athens, Santorini or Mykonos, and then sea or air transfer to Paros.

From Athens Region to Paros:

Air transfer

There are domestic flights to Paros a day from Athens International Airport.
Flying time is approximately 30 minutes.

Sea transfer
Ferries leave from 2 sea ports, Piraeus and Rafina.
Rafina is situated approximately 30 minutes away from Athens International Airport and Piraeus approximately 90 minutes away.
There is a regular bus service from the airport to these seaports and metro line service to Piraeus.
Regular ferry boats take approximately 4-5 hours to reach Paros and High speed ferry boats approximately 2,5 hours.

From Mykonos island to Paros:
The regular ferry service takes 1.5 hours to reach Paros and highspeed ferry boats take about 1 hour.

From Santorini island to Paros:

Regular ferry boats take about 3 hours to reach Paros and high speed ferry boats take about 1,5 hours.

From Paros to Antiparos:

From the main port of Paros (Parikia) to Antiparos port you can take either the passenger boat* (4 km, 25 min) or a bus or taxi to Pounta port (8 km, 10 or 20 min) and from there the car-ferry** to Antiparos (1.4 km,7 min).
From Paros airport by taxi to Pounta port (8 km,10 min) and then the car-ferry** to Antiparos (1,4 km,7 min).

* Passenger boat from Paros to Antiparos:
Departures vary depending on the season and/or weather conditions.
** Car-ferry from Pounta to Antiparos:
Frequent departures from early morning to midnight or after depending on the season.
Frequency: every 30 min or every hour depending on time of day and season.

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